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The directors of the Tamil humour Veetla Vishesham are RJ Balaji and NJ Saravanan. While Aparna Balamurali, K.P.A.C. – which means, Pooja Kishore, Visvesh, and Rashmi Suresh play important parts, the movie stars RJ Balaji as Elango, Sathyaraj as Unnikrishnan, and Urvashi as Probably occur. While Selva RK handles the movie editing, Karthik Muthukumar handles the cinematography for the film. The soundtrack for the film was created by Girishh G. The film was made by Boney Kapoor in collaboration with Juliet Pictures, Studios, and Bayview Projects LLP.

Veetla Vishesham, however, is genuinely Urvashi’s movie. But it’s a reflection of the part Period spanning performs in a household that belongs to the lower middle class. The actress does a fantastic job of conveying a lot of innocence and maternal affection without ever coming off as naive. She doesn’t submit to pressure since she is her own person. Throughout the entire movie, you can see how these opposites coexist. She is threatened by societal shame and perhaps family criticism at one point. She is uneasy, trembling, and unsure of herself.

This movie is about a lot of topics, including Badhaai Ho’s accomplishments. It’s amazing how the screenplay, with only two hours to fill, deftly tackles so many weighty subjects. Veetla Vishesham similarly addresses the societal shame associated with an old couple being pregnant, but it also emphasizes the empowerment of women over their bodies. In the original, this is a bit of a side subject, but it is repeatedly hammered home here. For instance, Krishnaveni demonstrates that being a strong woman doesn’t always mean avoiding seeking medical attention; it means making decisions that she is at ease with.

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He obviously wants to transcend his status as the humorous person and be regarded seriously. Starting with Veetla Visesham is wise. The movie presents well. (Karthik Muthukumar is the cinematographer) Even though it sounds like a continuation of his album work and his last film with Balaji, Mookuthi Amman, I really like Girishh’s lovely music. However, Oorvashi and Sathyaraj feel miscast. Even though they occasionally have adorable moments, they lack the warm chemistry that Neena Gupta and Gajraj Rao possessed in Badhaai Ho. The affection and love that Krishnaveni and Unni have for one another are frequently mentioned. However, we don’t see much of it, despite the fact that we might.

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Even though this is the authorized adaptation of Badhaai Ho, RJ Balaji and his team have changed the story and tastefully presented it to appeal to Tamil people. A few sequences have been changed and presented in a much more engaging way, which benefits the movie. The writing is well-written, particularly the dialogue. There will be at least three scenes in the movie Veetla Vishesham that every everyone can identify. That is perhaps where the movie succeeds in exploring human connections and familial ties in a very relatable way.

The woman in Veetla Vishesham’s film becomes pregnant at the age of 50, even though her son has reached marriageable age. How did this pregnancy affect the family and the community? How did she handle the issue as a mother and father? Is the family supportive of this pregnancy? It is the second section of the narrative.

The Veetla Vishesham movie came out nicely and was presented in a smooth manner. There is always going to be comedy in RJ Balaji films. Similar to this, RJ Balaji provided his admirers with innumerable comedic moments in the film Veetla Vishesham. The balance between the funny and the sad scenes is maintained throughout the entire movie. However, much like Sivakarthikeyan’s Don movie, the second half is filled with moving scenes.

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