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stranger things season 4 volume 2 download telegram link list can be found at the center of this article. The significance of Jamie Mac Bower’s role in bringing together all, including the long-awaited explanation of the mythology of the Upside Down, may have been the most memorable revelation in Season 4 thus far. Next in the threads we anticipate being knotted at the conclusion of this fourth season is the fate of characters like Nancy, who was imprisoned by Vecna at the conclusion of Volume I, and Eleven, who set out on a quest to restore her telekinetic abilities. The importance of Steve’s health is further underscored by the fact that Joyce and Hopper have been formally reunited in Kamchatka, Russia, thanks to Murray Bauman, and that Steve has been bitten by a demon bat (protect Steve at all costs).

Joy gets a weird parcel with a porcelain doll inside that is covered with numerous Russian postage stamps. She opens the doll on Murray’s instruction and discovers a ransom letter stating that Hopper is still alive and instructing her to phone Enzo, who turns out to be one of Hop’s Russian jail guards in Kamchatka. When they phone him, Enzo, also known as Antonov (Tom Wlaschiha), instructs them to deliver the funds Hop had set up in trust for Eleven to Yuri’s Fish N’ Fly in Alaska. Yuri will then receive the funds, give them to Antonov, and fly Hopper back from Russia to Alaska.

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Gang understanding

The gang understands that Vecna has been revealing his strategy to them since Nancy claims he showed her the four gates. Vecna’s clock chimes precisely four times each time. He has so far opened three gates and claimed three people. The fourth gate will only need to open one more time for him to realize his destructive vision for Hawkins. Nancy claims that their only option is to return to the Upside Down and murder him there before he can unlock the final gate. Naturally, the others aren’t exactly thrilled with this proposal. He’s a number like Eleven, only a sick, horrible, male, child killer version of her with incredibly awful skin, as Robin (Maya Hawke) remarks.

Demogorgon at jail

Nevertheless, there’s not much time for nostalgia. In the jail, the Demogorgon is still at large and ripping several Soviets to pieces. Hop gently throws through the door after hearing a very similar wailing from behind a locked door to discover a demo dog screaming with its chest cut open and strapped on an operating table. Hopper shoots it to end its suffering. They discover what appears to be an experimenting lab with a number of demo dogs swimming placidly in tanks behind another curtain. They finally catch sight of a massive cavern filled with menacingly spinning shadow particles. It doesn’t seem good, that.

after: The last gate would open after he had accomplished his fourth kill, thereby ending the game. In order to murder One, the Hawkins gang devised a four-step plan that they believed would be as simple as “slaying sleeping Dracula in his coffin.” Before Owens could agree to Eleven’s request to go back to Hawkins to defend her friends, Brenner stepped in the desert. just as Mike and company arrived at the facility, along with Sullivan and his army. When the smoke cleared, Papa had already been shot to death. (However, with him, you can never be certain!) Finally, Team Hopper broke out of the Russian jail in the hopes that they might use Yuri’s helicopter, Katinka, to fly beyond the Iron Curtain.

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