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Nadi Dosh movie download telegram link list of channels and groups. The plot and idea of “Naadi Dosh” caught my eye, and I decided to participate. In addition to that, the role I portray is what inspired me to work on the movie. In daily life, relationships are everywhere. But the bond between a brother and sister is the purest and most fantastical of all. Even the way I introduce Kunal as a character in the movie personifies how much of a brother every sister deserves. The touching companionship of a brother who goes above and above for his sister’s pleasure is what makes the movie so beautiful.

Working on the movie was a wonderful experience. Being directed by one of my favorite filmmakers, Krishnadev Yagnik, was an absolute thrill. Throughout the film’s production, we collaborated as a team and became closer as a family. I also enjoyed sharing the screen with my co-stars Janki Bodiwala and Yash Soni. Working with them and gaining new experiences from them is always lovely.

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Janki Bodiwala

We learn early on in the film that Kevin, a coworker of Riddhi’s (Janki Bodiwala), is someone she likes (Yash Soni). At first glance, it appears that the latter pays little attention to the former. He eventually notices her after some time passes, and they start dating. They decide to advance their relationship after meeting one other’s parents, but soon discover there is a problem: Naadi dosh. The issue arises when the bride’s and the groom’s naadi are the same, which is thought to be problematic and indicates faults. “Naadi Dosh” has a decent music selection, which includes the songs “Chandaliyo Ugyo Re” and “Lavva Lavvi.” The major performers, Yash Soni and Janki Bodiwala, give excellent performances. They seem to be the “ideal pair” and have wonderful chemistry.

Kevin is a young man who is physically and romantically drawn to Riddhi, a young woman played by Janki Bodiwala (played by Yash Soni). They share the same workplace. She follows him because she really wants to talk to him but lacks the guts to do so. She enters the elevator with him both before and after work. She puts on makeup to get his attention. She hopes and prays that he would invite her to go to lunch with him. When none of this occurs, Riddhi’s brother Kunal (played by Actions taking place Kamdar) proposes that she puncture the tire on her own bicycle to make Kevin feel bad and offer to drive her home.

Birth chart trouble

Kevin is unhappy because his virility is called into doubt by the birth chart. Like many individuals in our culture, he thinks that a man’s sexual aptitude plays a significant role in defining who he is, therefore the inability to have children would be seen as proof that he isn’t a man enough. Kevin discusses his concerns about being a man in a talk with Kunal. Because he is so fertile and can even impregnate a stone, he claims that the birth chart cannot be accurate.

Their speech is muffled once again. Since Kevin is her spouse, Prashant believes that Riddhi had to apologise to him for her outburst. He was doing foolishly. It is not a major issue. Going against her father’s wishes is not an option for Riddhi since she respects him. Although Kevin and Riddhi do find happiness, the movie never raises the issue of premarital sex’s taboo and the obligations it sets on women. Nobody really cares if Kevin is a virgin or not since, evidently, boys will be boys. Our culture is rife with hypocrisy.

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