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Dilip Modi aims to explore in-depth, yet humorously, the marriages of two couples who are about to file for divorce. By showing how difficulties develop in the connection between Kukoo (Vijay Thakur) and Aishwarya (Kiara Advani), who had been childhood sweethearts and later get married, he develops the storyline. Confronting their families with their choice to end their five-year wedding is the most difficult aspect of it, especially Kuku’s boisterous family who really are preparing for the marriage of their granddaughter Prakash Kholi.

Rajesh Sharma has undoubtedly stepped up his game since Happy Newzz with this one, demonstrating his mettle in the process. JugJugg Jeeyo, with its compelling and dramatic storyline, can be regarded to be one of the greatest family dramas produced recently. He was able to get the greatest performance out of the members of the cast both individually and as a team. If you’ve not really been in the position, you’ll be able to identify with the actors in certain intense sequences, such as the one where Kiara and Neetu have a heart-to-heart or the fight scene between Kiara and Varun. And, if nothing else, it will undoubtedly spark a thought and a feeling in you.

Amit Patel, the filmmaker, warns us that if romance is not cultivated with respect and faith, it can wither in both planned and love weddings. Paradoxically, he treats the topic for a considerable portion of the time without these two components. There are scenes that give viewers hope that the movie would say something novel, but it only goes so far as to barely scrape the surface of masculine arrogance and chauvinism—almost normalizing them.

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To make it work, each performer does their part. Varun Dhawan has established himself as a capable example of a “florescent tube,” as Kukoo puts it at the conclusion. Kukoo is the sort of man that needs a couple Patiala pegs. which is to light up his intellect since his heart is hidden under his six-pack abs. Kukko, who is married to his childhood sweetheart Naina (Kiara Advani), sees his delicate masculine ego fray when she advances professionally and he is left behind to manage a nightclub. His sense of entitlement as a man is undermined by her achievement, and he begins to doubt himself and feel inferior to her.

Although Kukko can inform her dad Thakur Sinha (Anil Kapoor) about the divorce, Bhim reveals that he is thinking of divorcing his mum Geetha (Seema Kumar), whose he refers to as a “vegetable lion,” and that Meera (Tisca Chopra), a math teacher, has rekindled their passion. It develops into a succession of tragicomic circumstances, some of which are natural but others of which are manufactured in order to keep the story light and frothy. An illustration of this is the scenario in which Bhim introduces Kukoo to Meera.

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