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Little bit about the movie,

The only real redeeming feature of this movie is Tabu. She not only gives a fantastic performance; her protagonist is the only one who gives the plot’s events any context. Her flawless makeup contributes to maintaining the scary element. Huge congrats to the cosmetics crew.

Excellent stage designers Rahul Kapoor and industrial designer Dev Verekar. The way they presented the sets and even the real-world locales brought the narrative to life.

The characters of the first movie included actors playing significant roles in the plot, including Ashish Rawal, Vijay Gurung, Rajpal Devi, Vishwa Bharti, and several others. No minor character in this sticks in the audience’s mind long after they leave the theater. Even Rajpal Yadav was unable to restore his former charm. In addition to being completely ineffective, the acting of Rahul Pandit, Singh Kalsekar, and Rajpal Thakur is so dreadful that viewers are left fuming about when they will exit the screen.

Drawbacks of bhool bhuliyaa

The writing in “Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2” is its major flaw. A very flimsy plot was developed by Farhad Samji and Aakash Kaushik, who also included some absolutely pointless dialogue and punchlines. After all, it’s 2022, and it would be wrong for the audience to keep laughing at jokes that are sexist and fat-shaming. The writers made a valiant effort to imitate the late 2000s slapstick humor era, but they utterly failed. Include these scenario: the children’s oldest child (Advani) apparently died in a bus crash someplace in the icy highlands of north India, and practically nobody from the whole extended family who resides in Rajasthan wants to travel up there or at minimum have a look at the body.

The Thakur household of Bhawanigarh is seen together in the courtyard of home haveli in the film’s opening shot, afraid. In an effort to catch Manjulika, a Tantrik baba is chanting. She is imprisoned in a chamber of the haveli when he is successful. The Thakurs move out of their opulent home and into another residence. The narrative then shifts to Reet Thakur and Ruhaan’s meeting 24 months later. Reet finds herself in the awkward position of having to accompany Kartik to Rajasthan. Her family cannot be aware of her return, though.

Plus points

Starrer had another amazing results following Initially known. He has several comedic scenes—I mean numerous. He’s brilliant at humor, but he excels in dramatic situations. You will be pleased by the change in his acting throughout the final half an hour. Kartik has never been seen previously in this style, thus the actor and the director deserve praise for trying something new.

In general, Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2 is full of humor and chills. It is very enjoyable. The talents are strong, and the storyline is engaging. The ghost’s CGI should have been better even though the special elements were amazing (scarier). That is the kind of movie that viewers have been anxiously waiting. It will be successful in attracting a ‘re positive to the theaters.

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