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As a result, the symbolic trip of the movie is transformed into an actual one, and the two characters come across a diverse range of characters and obstacles along the route. The first half of the movie, which serves as a long series of montages yet effectively conveys the message, basically flies by. Through a series of challenging yet delightful occurrences, Charlie’s rigor and charm wash away Dharma’s rather stoic demeanor, and it quickly becomes clear that their first mutually beneficial relationship is actually his final opportunity to resurrect himself. Dharma and Charlie’s trip to the sky is similar to that of Dharaya and his canine companion in the Ramayana epic

The storyline is clear throughout the duration of the long drive. Still, the issue emerges when the screenplay presents these obstacles in the shape of frivolous plot devices that are never challenging enough for the main character’s underlying catharsis. The movie then gradually becomes formulaic and repetitious in an effort to make things more lovable and emotionally charged, and the much anticipated spectacular ending, however, isn’t the predicted punch in the gut. Some viewers just might find the alleged “closure” a little puzzling and unnecessary, although in a way it also fits the dramatic tone of the movie.

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Dharma lives alone in Thrissur and operates in a plant that makes vehicles. He was wounded by a loss he had as a youngster. He has created barriers around himself and is committed to carrying out a predetermined schedule that includes his job, two idlis, drinking, and smoking. But Charlie, a Labrador puppy that fled the care of a cruel breeder (a reference to the 1992 film Beethoven), disturbs Dharma’s dull existence. Charlie is attempting to survive on the streets. After Charlie suffers a terrible accident, Dharma is forced to take care of her. Subsequent events include Dharma’s futile attempts to place Charles for adoption.

When Charlie was given the deadly diagnosis, this short-lived camaraderie faced a new challenge. Since Charlie is running out of time, Dharma decides to grant Charlie’s desire of playing in the snow by taking him along on a motorbike trip across the nation. What results from this is an emotional roller coaster trip that will undoubtedly cause both laughter and tears among the spectators. Although the viewers will undoubtedly join Dharma and Charlie on this emotional trip, some of them would think it lasts a bit too long.

But for the most crucial part: 777 Charlie, in an unlikely situation in an Indian movie, is aware of the problems with dogs in India and largely gets the politically correct. The use of Charlie’s illness as a plot device highlights the pervasive inbreeding among purebreds in India; the ban on pets in gated communities and housing colonies serves to inflame tension between Dharma and other residents, and a brief scene in which the mother asks her child not to touch Charlie after noticing lesions on his body highlights our prejudice against sick animals. Ironically, though, Dharma is seen with a newborn puppy, most likely Charlie’s, towards the end of a film that asks viewers to adopt canines.

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